About Us

At Carousel Cane we believe the experience of purchasing your new suite should begin with your first click on our website. We also believe this experience should continue for many years after our white glove delivery service has positioned your suite into its pride of place in your home.

You may be thinking of buying something new, or you may already have a suite that just needs a new lease of life and are looking for us to reupholster it. Whatever your thoughts, concerns, or questions we are here to help.

We hope you find our website friendly and easy to navigate, however if you do have any difficulties please contact us and one of the members of our team will be delighted to assist.

If you have any questions regarding our products, our business or our delivery service please do contact us.


Carousel Cane is owned & operated by Carousel. We have been in the manufacturing industry for 30 years, and we supply various businesses both nationally & internationally with products & materials.

We specialise in various types of foam, so if you need anything for refilling your sofa cushions, a new memory foam topper for your bed mattress, granulated foam for a bean bag, or anything else for that matter, then we’ll be able to help.

We stock plenty of different types of foam with different densities, for different purposes, so please get in touch with your requirements and we’ll do our very best to help you out.

We are fully committed to the environment and do our upmost to ensure we recycle all the materials that we’re unable to use.  The majority of this unused foam is used in products manufactured by one of our business alliances, in such items as carpet underlay.

If you have a look below you’ll be able to see the brands that are owned by Carousel.  All the brands are located in Manchester and all the products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Our Brands

Here at Carousel Care, we’ve been designing, manufacturing and distributing specialist products for over 30 years.

We have supplied large retailers, specialist healthcare outlets as well as the NHS, we have now decided the right time has come to bring our products directly to the public.

We manufacture the worlds leading Epilepsy Anti Suffocation pillows, along with a wide range of medical aids such as pregnancy pillows, orthopaedic supports, cushions, and pillows.

The benefits of opting to sell directly through our own website, is that we can bring new products to market quickly, and at affordable prices.
All the products advertised on CarouselCare.com are manufactured in Great Britain, and are of the very highest standard.

We have substantial knowledge regarding the development of the products, and although we are not trained medical professionals we like to think we’re always approachable, so feel free to call or email us with any questions you have.

Carousel Foam have a simple & structured way for you to buy foam cut to size.

  1. Choose your shape
  2. Choose the type of foam
  3. Enter your dimensions

With various densities to choose from we have the right filling for your caravan cushions, the right filling for your unsightly sofa and the correct memory foam for bespoke sized mattress topper.

The purpose of designing an anti-suffocation pillow is to maximise air flow should someone suffering from epilepsy or any other condition end up face down in their pillow/mattress and be unable to move sufficiently enough to breathe regularly. To us here at Carousel this was a challenge about physics and we have spent many hours developing a product that meets that challenge.

Our innovative design has been registered as a CLASS 1 MEDICAL DEVICE with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency. The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is an executive agency of the Department of Health in the United Kingdom which is responsible for ensuring that medicines and medical devices work and are acceptably safe.

However this is a ‘self-certifying’ certificate. We have to provide the MHRA with a technical file containing all the details, drawings and composition of our pillow and upon their approval we can proceed to sell our pillow bearing the CE mark. This is all done pretty much on trust and no testing is involved. Whilst this may be fine for other products we felt that, with the prevention of SUDEP being of paramount importance, we should carry out our own tests.

We engaged BTTG ( www.bttg.co.uk ) to carry out an air flow test and High Street Testing ( http://www.hstts.co.uk/ ) to carry out a fire test. The results are extremely encouraging. The results are available via the main menu. You will be able to see from the results in the pillow is 10 times more breathable than a regular pillow and up to 7 times more breathable than our nearest competitors’ pillow depending on which part of their pillow was tested!

The porousness of our pillow has another very important benefit. And that is, when other pillows are breathed into for any length of time they can retain carbon dioxide that is exhaled from the user. This can then be re-breathed reducing their oxygen intake which in turn endangers their well-being. The Breathe-zy pillow provides for a constant flow of oxygen should an episode become prolonged and help prevent re-breathed carbon dioxide.

Designed & Manufactured in Great Britain. We cut the foam, we cut the fabric, we stitch & sew, we package, we arrange the couriers…. we do it all under one roof in Manchester. We have a great team of talented individuals who take pride in everything they do, which is why we’re so good at what we do!

We’re proud of what we produce, and more importantly, we believe in what we manufacture, we’re that confident in our Pet Beds that we give you a 12 months manufacturer warranty. It’s highly unlikely that our workmanship will come under any scrutiny, however in the rare event of the product suffering any manufacturing issues, we’ll learn from our mistake and send you a brand new one. We should make you aware that the warranty does not cover general wear & tear or misuse, it is just for manufacturer faults.

Again, it’s a belief thing, if you don’t like your product then send it back to us. We give you 28 days to try it out, if it’s not for you then send it back, simple. If you do send it back it can’t be wet and dirty, it must be in the same condition as when you received it. We’re sure you understand.

We’ll deliver your items for free, we’re nice like that :)

The waterproof 600 Denier Polyester covers are really tough, it’s important to understand that no bed is indestructible. We’ve done as much homework as we could to produce a tough bed that is also comfortable. Although we offer a warranty on our products, it only covers issues that are the fault of the manufacturer.  You can wipe it clean or pop it in the washing machine. The anti-microbial thing means nothing nasty survives on it, really hygienic.  If your dog does get through one of our beds, then we recommend you stop buying them beds as it will become an expensive hobby.

All our soft fabrics are specially graded using the ‘Martindale test’. These fabrics have sustained 50,000+ ‘rubs’ which (in simpler terms) is graded – “Suitable for heavy duty commercial use and heavy duty domestic use.  Suitable for all commercial furniture applications and environments.” Rest assured that we only work with the best materials.

When it comes to the filling, we use memory foam, memory foam & memory foam.  Comfort is key so memory foam is the way we’re going forward.  Whether it be for a relaxing afternoon rest, or for those tender joints, we make our beds as comfortable as possible.

Wet Paws make buying waterproof dog beds really easy!

We have a simple 3 step process…. Choose a shape, a size, a colour… it’s as easy as that!!

At Wet Paws, we manufacture waterproof dog beds that do exactly what they’re designed for.  They aren’t designer, they aren’t fancy, BUT, they are practical, comfy and very good!

We have a selection of colours, all of which are made from a High Denier PU Nylon. We use memory foam to fill the beds so they add more support than fibre filled beds.

To make them watertight we don’t have removable covers, the memory foam is filled into the beds then they are sewn shut. You can still easily clean with hot soapy water, and a bit of elbow grease.

Finally…. We design and make our beds in Great Britain and we offer Free Delivery on all orders to UK Addresses.